When You Negotiate Check Emotions (Role)

When you negotiate, what role do you play during the negotiation? Do you give consideration to how your role is perceived, or the role your negotiation partner plays and how she wishes her role to be perceived?

This lesson examines the fifth of the five core emotions, which are appreciation, affiliation, autonomy, status, and role. All five components will usually manifest themselves during a negotiation.

When people negotiate, they play roles. The role may be one where by a person portrays a sterner or softer image than they normally cast. Nevertheless,you should recognize the role someone plays and acknowledge it for what it is.You don’t have to necessarily acknowledge it verbally, but at least recognize and perceive it for what it is. Thats to say, you should be cognizant of the role your negotiation partner is projecting. At the same time, you should be aware of the role you’re projecting and how its being perceived.

The reason it behooves you to be very aware of the role your partner is playing is the fact that he will give you insight into the negotiation mindset he’s harboring. Question if he’s playing the role of the innocent person caught in the middle that’s trying to help you reach the goals of the negotiation, or if he’s the impediment to reaching the goal. The former situation is akin to the car salesman that has to check with his manager to find out if the $3,000 deduction you’ve requested can be taken off the sticker price of the car you’re trying to purchase.

While it’s always a good negotiation strategy to never place yourself in the role of final decision maker, if you understand the role he’s playing, you know what strategies to adopt in order to combat his tactics. In the situation where he’s the impediment to reaching the goals of the negotiation, you can adopt a strategy that takes him out of that role by not playing along with him. In essence, you can ask to speak with someone that is more favorable to the negotiation, or point out that your perception of his actions is that of someone thats being obstinate.

When people negotiate they play games. By that I mean, most of the time, they will not fully disclose the overall intent of the outcome they seek from the negotiation. In reality, that’s nothing more than good negotiating. But, you can gain additional leverage in the negotiation by paying attention to the role your negotiation partner cast herself in and use that leverage to your advantage. All you have to do is pay attention to her mindset, read her body language and her real demeanor will be revealed to you … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Lessons Are…

  • When you negotiate understand the importance that role plays in the negotiation. By understanding the role that’s being played you gain insight into the mindset of your negotiation partner.
  • You can gain additional insight into the role thats being projected by understanding the body language signals that are sent. Look at those signals closely and compare them to the words you hear. If the words and body language don’t match, follow the body language.
  • If you sense you’re negotiation partner is projecting a role that doesn’t suit your needs for the negotiation, adopt strategies to combat her position, or ask to deal with someone else.

What is the Best Christmas Present for Your Teen?

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How Your Future Can Rob Your Present

Going after your passion and Focusing on your goals are the corner stones of success. That is a common knowledge: one should focus and concentrate in order to achieve maximum results. It gets a lot of emphasize lately.

But there is a trump in this process of success. It is so easy to fall into it, that it should be spoken out loads.

Your goals are in the future.

At the Present, What you experience as your life, is the road you walk to achieve your goals.

Hence, your future determined your present.

So, the big question is what are you willing to do in order to achieve your goals?
Are you willing to have “bad” life now, for limited time, in order to have “good” life later?

Here lay the trump. We are sure that we are smart enough and logic enough to think in cost-benefit terms, to know our borders and have the common sense to make the right choices. “I have my limits”, “not in any costs”, “I have my values” etc.
But never the less, we fall into the trump of “too much focusing”.

Here is a story about a man who decided to go to the beach to collect some sea shells. It was a beautiful sunny day, few days after a storm. The beach was full of shells and small stones.
Our man takes a basket, and he is going along the beach, face down, looking for special shells and rear stones.

The beach is beautiful, white send; skies are blue, and few seagulls flying around. A pleasant wind and the sound of the waves complete the perfect scenery.

Our man is focusing in his mission. Time passed, his basket is half full. More people arrive at the shore; children are playing, the sun get hotter and the waves much higher. The basket starts to be heavy, the man sweats, but he would not stop. So many beautiful pieces here, he just needs to pick them up. Tomorrow they might be swiped to the sea. More time passed, it is afternoon, he became tired, he did not stop to drink or to eat, the basket is heavy, and he has to go through all the way back. Still he feels lucky to have these treasures with “no effort” at all.

At evening, he gets back home tired but satisfied. He suffers from sunstroke, and all he wants is to go to sleep.

At the time he was walking on the beach, he was so focused on finding beautiful shells and rear stones that his head was bending down, his eyes were looking at the ground, so he could not notice how beautiful this day was. He could not see the blue sky, he did not pay attention to other people, and he did not hear the seagulls or the sound of the waves.

More than that, when he came home, he was so tiered that he missed his family too. But still he is happy with his achievements, he thinks “tomorrow is another day”, I can go to enjoy the sea sure some other time, I will enjoy with my family tomorrow etc.

This walking on the beach is the metaphor for ones life.

His passion and Focusing on his goal to collect as many rear shells and stones he could, theft his life from him. The problem is that it is not something he was aware of when he was walking on the beach.
It could hold a long time until he will notice that his future have stolen his present, and it could be too late. This beautiful sunny day and other sunny days are gone.

So, the big question is what are you willing to do in order to achieve your goals?
Are you willing to have “bad” life now, for limited time, in order to have “good” life later?

I admit, this is a provocative question. Life is about choices. Choices could be conscious or unconscious. You set a goal, you focus, you concentrate, and you persist.
Soon your Automatic pilot will take control over your common sense, your limits and priorities and could take control even over your values in order to achieve that goal. Be aware; every thing is about proportions. Do not lose your present for the future.